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Austrian Peace Service (FD)


Personal News:

The work of the FD was very much affected by personal changes the last half year.

Markus Phringer, the only fix employee, left the FD with beginning of July. Marion Thuswald took over his task temporarily and from January on Veronika Nietsche will start working. As Veronika is also working for the World University Service in Graz, the FD will transfer his office as well from Linz and Vienna respectively to Graz.


FD News:

After we had an evaluation seminar in March with Barbara Mller we decided to have a three day retreat beginning of October to discuss basic principles and to clarify the future of the FD.

As most of our civil peace servants are actually young boys, who do their alternative military service we are very much affected by the restrictive Austrian policy concerning alternative military service. We received most of our budget from the respective Ministry (Inner Affairs), but in future we will have to find much more additional funding. So our main discussion focused on the question Should we stop with our field projects for one year or should we continue working, even if the projects are not financed? Should we use a year break to elaborate a stronger FD profile or is the FD anyhow nothing without projects?

Finally we decided, that we will continue only with the projects concerning the period fall 2001 summer 2002, for which the financing will be guaranteed until spring 2001. So it looks like we will reduce our field project activities.



Right now we have civil peace servants in following projects:

Vukovar Institute for Peace Research and Education, Vukovar, Croatia

1 peace servant

Center for Peace, Nonviolence and Human Rights, Osijek, Croatia

3 peace servants

Youth Peace Group Danube, Vukovar, Croatia

2 peace servants

WUS Sarajevo, Bosnia Herzegovina

2 peace servants

WUS Podgorica, Montenegro

1 peace servant

Peace School Mrkopalj, Gorski Kotar, Croatia

1 peace servant

Zenica Independent, Bosnia Herzegovina

1 peace servant


11 peace servants

We still believe that the project activities are our strength, the main problem we have to face is as I mentioned the financing. Sometimes the peace servants have to wait for their money for more then two months.


Education and Training:

From 14th of August until 1st of September we organized the training for 12 future civil peace servants. The training was very well received and we plan also again a training for 2002. We think about opening the training  also for participants, who would not necessarily become peace servants for the FD.



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