4u2 - For you too - Roland Brunner

from the Norwegian Peace Center, December 2001

We moved the office of The Norwegian Peace Centre this summer from Kornhaug in Gausdal to the Nansen Academy in Lillehammer.

I will very short inform you about some of our activities. In September we organised a seminar with young Afghans living in Norway and Sweden; to encourage networking among them and to provide a "space" for dealing with the situation in Afghanistan. The seminar was organised in cooperation with the Norwegian Afghanistan Committee, a solidarity organisation for Afghanistan with main offices in Oslo and Peshawar, but also with substantial activity inside Afghanistan. Do you know if any of the other European peace organisations have programs with Afghan refugees living in Europe?? I would be interested to know of any initiatives.

We also work towards schools in Norway offering workshops and training to teachers and students. Every summer we have been organising a summer camp with Service Civil International and the local refugee hostel, so also this summer. We have activities with the students at The Nansen Academy and have organised several meetings this autumn about the special challenges for the Peace organisastions after Sept. 11 in providing realistic non-violent alternatives.

I am interested in receiving information from you and your organisation and maybe we will find common ground for some of our activities. Thank you for your patience.


Norunn Grande Director The Norwegian Peace Centre



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