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European Network for Civil Peace Services EN.CPS

Project information for international Cooperation

(Download form as Word-File here)

Do you have a project to offer for cooperation?

a)      Name of the project:

b)      Run by (organisation with address and contact person):

c)      Based in (conflict/crisis area the project is working):

d)      Project definition (field of work):

e)      Short project description:

f)        International cooperation offered (what could other organisations bring in?):

m  volunteers

m  finances

m  training

m  expertise

m  other:


Do you have support to provide for existing projects?

a)      What kind of support could you give?

m                volunteers

m                finances

m                training

m                expertise

m                other:

b)      For what kind of project could you offer support (area, field of work…)?


How to contact you?

Name of the organisation:

Name of the contact person:




Send to: Roland Brunner, IG-ZFD Switzerland, Fax +41/1/273 02 12, rbr@4u2.ch



4your questions and contacts: rbr(at)4u2.ch